Videoblogg app – Launch Event

*I was invited to attend the launch party of the new Videoblogg app and I was not obliged to produce any content or write about such event.

It took the launch of the new Videoblogg app to have me travelling to the other side of London to zone 3, south London on a weekday!

The sign to the Videoblogg app launch

With its studios in Streatham being the location for the launch, we were provided with a tour of the company.

Videoblogg studios working space

The building includes a film production area as well as other studios for the recording of news broadcasts and even game shows! There is also an outdoor area which was certainly ideal that evening to mingle in between sampling the canapés and prosecco whilst the DJ was playing! It seemed like the ideal working space to me!

The game show suite at Videoblogg

A few of the Videoblogg presenters were also in attendance that night and introduced the founders of the platform, Ludvig Bonin and Hamdi Bonin.

Founder Ludvig Bonin delivering a speech at Videoblogg app launch

The concept is that the new app will be a platform that is specific to the UK and will provide a means by which news can be shared online but there are also opportunities to self-produce thereby making it a useful platform for filmmakers, content creators and others. The founders’ aims are for the platform to be launched worldwide as a showcase for creatives and content creators.

Speaking to Hamdi, it appears that there are expansion plans for the app to enable the younger generation in schools to have a platform by which they can launch their career which differs from the current offerings. The company also works within the community undertaking shoots and has embarked on video work with other companies. The emphasis is on supporting many types of informational based media and will therefore differentiate itself from some of the existing platforms by being more media focussed.

The Videoblogg Media Group launched in 2016 primarily as a vehicle for young people to blog. This led to the subsequent development of a film production company and now the app. The film production area certainly looked very impressive!

I certainly believe that the development of the group and its community work will provide a positive message to the younger generation and its target audience!

During the launch event, we were encouraged to download the app. On launching the app, I noticed that there are many categories that one can subscribe to in order to receive targeted news broadcasts by the Videoblogg presenters as well as subscribing to the channels of vloggers and others that upload their content.

The interface of the app does seem quite intuitive and user friendly as well as being responsive. There are also categories for film reviews and podcasts as well as general blogs and so there is probably something for everyone! I am still to try the upload media function, but this might be the perfect excuse for me to start that podcast or a vlog!

Throughout the evening we were also entertained by El’Tee and Ace Motif who certainly kept the crowd dancing into the night with a combination of rap and soul music!

El’Tee entertaining the crowd at the Videoblogg app launch

Videoblogg, the interactive news app, can now be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play

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