Puriskin Skincare Products – Review

With the festive season close by, thoughts may be turning to choosing the perfect outfit and gift giving. So, as part of these thoughts the Puriskin skincare range could be an option as preparation for this season.

The products are ideal as gifts either as stocking fillers or for other occasions but may also be ideal for that self-care regime against winter weather or for overall skin repair.

Puriskin Resufacing Cream
Puriskin Resurfacing cream

Puriskin is an emerging company, and a black owned business, which prides itself on providing natural products with botanicals to assist in that repair and restoration of the skin. There is a wide range of products including hand creams for medical professionals, sensitive skin products, face creams and others, providing something to suit all needs and occasions.

Puriskin products have been the recipient of beauty awards such as the Natural Health International Beauty Awards in 2017. The products are also vegan approved, not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging. The company’s mission is to facilitate the skin’s healing processes through their skincare formulations.

Rehydration Night Oil
Rehydration Night Oil

So, armed with all of that information, the products seem ideal for gift giving and are unisex as well. It was therefore a great opportunity to be able to review a newer beauty product range on the market. For the purposes of this article only, the resurfacing cream and Amanda Sayle’s rehydration night oil were tried but there were so many interesting sounding products that would be great to sample.

Puriskin Resurfacing Formula Cream

This cream is designed to assist sensitive skins and therefore would be ideal for those that may have skin conditions such as eczema. It is a face and body cream and could be used by all.

One of the first things that I liked about the jar is that it is pocket sized and it recommends undertaking a patch test for 24 hours before trying the cream. I certainly gravitated towards trying this cream due to its suitability for sensitive skins. The instructions also mention that all that is needed is to clean the face beforehand and therefore, if you are like me, a simple skincare routine is so much easier to commit to following.

Trying the Puriskin Resurfacing Crea
Trying the Puriskin Resurfacing Cream

The cream is of a medium consistency and unperfumed to avoid irritation. It is easy to apply to the face and absorbs after a few touches. The ingredients are simple too with only cucumber and allantoin listed and the cream does feel cooling and soothing. The cream also leaves the skin feeling moisturised after applying one round and does not need re-applying during the day after being exposed to the elements which may cause the skin to become dry.

I tried the resurfacing cream for 10 days during the daytime after cleansing and could notice that my face did feel softer during such period.

Rehydration Night Oil

During the night time, I sampled the Amanda Sayle night oil as part of the 10 day routine. Again, the packaging is compact meaning that the 30ml bottle can fit easily into a make up bag and can be transported for holiday. There is a pipette within the lid to reduce spillages. Having not utilised a face oil previously as part of a night-time beauty routine, I was apprehensive that the product would be greasy but was surprised by how light but absorbing it was.

The instructions for usage are also rather simple to follow therefore making it an easy product to insert within an evening routine. All that is required is to cleanse the skin beforehand. Two to three drops are to be extracted and massaged into the face and neck area.

Sampling the Rehydration Night Oil
Sampling the Rehydration Night Oil

The night oil contains a plethora of essential oils which create a relaxing effect and I could certainly smell the lavender within it. Another bonus is that the product is paraben free. The night oil is intended to assist with age spots, dehydration, discolouration, and fine lines amongst other conditions. After using the night oil for the 10 days, my skin certainly felt more hydrated during the night and no longer had a few dry patches in the morning after a night’s sleep. The night oil is that ideal gift for travellers and anyone looking for a moisturising night-time product which is not too heavy on the skin.

Both of the products that I tried will be ideal for anyone wishing to have a quick but effective skincare routine and are compact enough to add to working bags or suitcases whilst travelling.

Puriskin products can be purchased on their website here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase through them, I will earn a small commission and you will be supporting a content creator bring more amazing products to your screens!


2 Replies to “Puriskin Skincare Products – Review”

  1. Great review! I’d never heard of this brand before but they look absolutely amazing. I have quite sensitive skin too so they’re perfect for me! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try these out x

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