Smirnoff Infusions – Pick Your Own Allotment Party – Launch Event

*Invitation – I was invited to attend the launch party of the new Smirnoff Infusions range but was not obligated to produce any content regarding the event or to write a blog post

Whilst vising Porto earlier in the year for a dance festival, I had met a French traveller who had visited London fleetingly but recommended the Nomadic Community Gardens. As a Londoner, I was surprised that I had not encountered such gardens previously. So, on learning that the launch event of the new Smirnoff Infusions range was occurring at the Nomadic Community Gardens, I was excited to say the least!

The gardens themselves are around the back of Shoreditch overground station close to Brick Lane with an understated entrance, via a pathway, which is easy to walk past! The Kinkao Korean restaurant is a good landmark however for the gardens’ location!

Even from the outside arch at the entrance, the venue was prettily decorated! With flowers adorning the area, it felt like a belated Midsummer night’s party!

Entrance to the Nomadic Community Gardens

The theme of the launch was a pick your own allotment party which sounded intriguing to me from the outset. The premise was that there would be an element of fruit picking with such fruits used as garnishes for the Smirnoff Infusions blended cocktails. Additionally, there was also the opportunity to include further garnishes for the cocktails with the assistance of botanist, James Wong.

So, armed with the drinks tokens, I grabbed a punnet and launched into the fruit picking!

Fruit picking at the start of the pick your own Smirnoff Infusions party
Drinks tokens at Smirnoff Infusions pick your own party

There was a definite summer festival vibe there that evening with the sun streaming and a garden filled with oranges, raspberries, rhubarb as well as lots of sunflowers. It was a delight to explore the gardens for the launch!

Fruit picking of oranges at pick your own Smirnoff Infusions launch party
View at Smirnoff Infusions launch party

There were two new infusions flavours on offer as part of the launch. One was orange, grapefruit and bitters whilst the other was raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla. These fruit flavoured vodkas use Smirnoff No.21 vodka but contain a lower ABV than usual and are designed to be mixed with soda water.

The result is a light, refreshing drink with a lower calorie content and less alcohol overall. I opted for the raspberry flavoured Smirnoff Infusion as my base with raspberry garnishes, and occasionally rhubarb, which was rather delicious and ideal for those sunny, summer days!

Bottle of orange Smirnoff Infusions at launch party
Raspberry Smirnoff Infusions cocktail at the pick your own launch party

Eventually, I wandered over to the stand to discuss the plant-based garnishes with the botanist, James Wong. The complementary garnish selected for my raspberry based drink was a plant with characteristics that were apparently similar to a Turkish Delight flavour. Despite Turkish Delight not being a favourite of mine, the pairing did work rather well.

Adding garnishes at the stand with James Wong at Smirnoff Infusions launch party

I truly enjoyed the very relaxed feel to the event which had seating areas with straw bales and wooden blocks on which to mingle whilst sampling the cocktails and the accompanying canapés.

View across the garden at the Smirnoff Infusions pick your own party

There were, of course, also designated areas for photo opportunities with a botanical theme and so I certainly indulged!

The Smirnoff wall at the Smirnoff Infusions launch party

At one stage in the evening, I noticed that a lot of people seemed to be carrying a bunch of flowers and so I was curious to receive a bunch too! There were florists on site, Refinery 29, who created bunches of flowers to complement the Smirnoff Infusions drinks on offer that evening. As such, there was an orange-based arrangement or a raspberry based arrangement.

Smirnoff Infusions inspired bunches of flowers at the launch party

I opted for the orange flower arrangement given that I had solely been drinking the raspberry Smirnoff Infusions cocktail all evening! I was certainly pleased with my choice and it was a very nice touch towards the end of the event!

Orange cocktail inspired bunch of flowers by Refinery 29 at Smirnoff Infusions launch

Overall, it was a delightful launch event with a twist and the chance to explore one of London’s secret gardens which I will now certainly aim to re-visit!

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