Personalised Foil Notebook by Old English Company – Review

*I was provided with a personalised foil notebook for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own

As the nights draw in signalling the debut of the Autumn season, this inevitably acts as a reminder of that return to the office, return to school and the start of the autumn based film festivals. Therefore, whenever I have that ‘back to school’ sensation it always feels necessary to be prepared, which usually means obtaining more stationery!

From my perspective as the film festival season and other events resume from late August, I am usually in need of new stationery for the copious amount of notes that I take to produce articles such as these! For me, the personalised foil notebook from the Old English Company is ideal for these occasions rather than finding random pieces of paper on which to scribble notes, do you tend to do that too?

Before I even start to describe the notebook itself, I must say that I loved the range of positive affirmations appearing on these notebooks, planners, the keyrings and a variety of the other products that the Old English Company produces. I chose a message which simply states, ‘You can and you will’ which is a mantra that will certainly help with me getting through those daily challenges on the To-do list! Other statements include, ‘She believed she could, so she did’, ‘Dream Big’, ‘Grow Through What You Go Through’. There are so many different statements to peruse and so you can find one that suits you for the main message of your notebook.

My personalised foil notebook
My personalised foil notebook

The Old English Company was founded in 2013 and is a UK based stationery company which also specialises in giftware. The company’s speciality is in the design of hand-lettered products.

My personalised foil notebook from the Old English Company additionally includes the personalised message that would be handcrafted on the front cover. I opted to include my initials but you could request for your full name to be included or else another message that is personal to you. This personalisation comes at no extra cost for this service.

The personalised foil notebooks are soft covered and A5 sized which means that they can fit into that handbag or tote bag easily if out and about at festivals or at the office. I was certainly impressed by the stylish finish on the front cover and I will be pleased to have all my notes within the one place.

Me with my personalised foil notebook
Me with my personalised foil notebook

Each notebook contains 140 pages and is available in a variety of colours such as black, white, grey and blush pink. As I know that I would probably be moving around often with the notebook, I opted for the black cover with the gold finish. The notebooks are also lined on their pages which should make it easier to jot down those quick notes neatly! With the additional personalisation, these foil notebooks would make the perfect present to yourself but also for others!

The notebooks can be purchased directly through the Old English Company’s website which will certainly help the company as an independent business. Also, you could purchase the foil notebook or other accessories from High Street retailers such as Selfridges, Harrods, Oliver Bonas and Paperchase to name but a few outlets stocking the notebook.

You can also take advantage of the discount code that I have to purchase any of the Old English Company’s products on their website here.

Get 15% off online by applying this code at checkout: OESPECBR15

Let me know in the comments below if you have previously purchased a personalised notebook or any other Old English Company products. If not, which message would you choose for a personalised notebook or keyring?

8 Replies to “Personalised Foil Notebook by Old English Company – Review”

    1. Oh yes, they’re perfect for hournalling and making all of those blogging notes. I love the positive affirmations which are always good reminders.

  1. I love the positive vibes this range gave me. I selected the Too many tabs open one because it sums up my brain completely.

    Lovely items and a great review x

    1. That’s great, I love that one of the messages spoke to you! I certainly keep looking at the message on mine for that added but of motivation:)

    1. It’s great and such a positive, empowering phrase! There are many other positive affirmations for notebooks and other products on the website too.

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