National Smile Month: Spotlight on Luvbiotics Probiotics Dental Care

It is National Smile Month and therefore the ideal moment to place a focus on our winning smiles. Taking place from 16 May to 16 June 2022, the annual National Smile Month seeks to raise awareness of oral health with the belief that everyone deserves a healthy smile. During this month, we have tried the new range Luvbiotics as part of this campaign to encourage healthy dental routines and the overall protection of those smiles.

Luvbiotics is participating in National Smile Month and is a new dental hygiene range promoting oral flora using probiotics. Probiotics may be familiar to many through foods encouraging gut health but Luvbiotics’ advanced technology utilises these probiotics (Lactobacillus) to improve oral health. As such, Luvbiotics does not include any alcohol, SLD or parabens within its products to upset the natural balance within our mouths. This balance in the oral flora, of good versus bad bacteria, can assist to reduce gum disease and ensures fresh breath.

The Luvbiotics range uses natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, and xylitol as part of its bionet technology. It is also suitable for vegetarians and has vegan friendly products too.

Luvbiotics whitening toothpaste and original lozenges
Luvbiotics whitening toothpaste and original lozenges

Luvbiotics can be easily incorporated in to a daily hygiene routine and has an original toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and lozenges in different flavours. These products can be purchased at Holland and Barrett, Amazon and other online retailers as part of a healthy lifestyle and wellness choices.

We were able to try the whitening toothpaste, lozenges and mouthwash as part of a daily routine and certainly found them easy to use.
The whitening toothpaste is in a gel format with no artificial colours. It is quite smooth in texture without having any of the sediments that other whitening toothpastes may leave behind. Plus, it does not have an overpowering taste and so leaves the mouth feeling refreshed.

The mouthwash is recommended to be used alongside the toothpaste. We found that the Luvbiotics mouthwash had a pleasant taste without the excessive sugary or potent, lingering taste that other mouthwashes may often be associated with.

Luvbiotics product range
Luvbiotics product range

As for the lozenges, these are recommended to be used after brushing or else following a meal. The form of the Luvbiotics lozenges are in a capsule shape but dissolve easily on the tongue.

We tried both the original and lemon flavours in the lozenges. The range also has a cherry flavour available. The original lozenges have a refreshing, minty taste and are therefore ideal to use just before going out for an evening, where brushing may not be instantly possible. The lemon lozenges seemed to have a slightly medicinal flavour for our palettes and so the original flavour was preferred. The lozenges’ packaging is compact and therefore easy to carry in a pocket or bag for quick use and up to 3 can be taken per day.

Luvbiotics lemon lozenges
Luvbiotics lemon lozenges

After using the Luvbiotics products, the smooth feel of our teeth was noticeable and the added probiotics were beneficial in feeling that an improvement in our wellness and dental health had been made.
If we had to choose a favourite within the Luvbiotics range, the original lozenges would definitely be top of the list. These lozenges were refreshing and handy to access to freshen breath quickly whilst out and about.

Find out more about Luvbiotics here

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