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*I received a box of Liobites for the purposes of this article, but I was not contractually obligated to write this content and all opinions within it are my own

Crisps or fruit? This may be a decision that you face after working out or when trying to pack a lunchbox. It also seems similar to having to make a choice whether to be naughty or nice! Wouldn’t it seem easier not to make a choice at all for that post workout snack? This is where Liobites can assist.

Liobites fruit crisps bridges that gap between choosing a healthy but bland snack or a tasty but calorific one. Liobites provides that tasty but healthy snack and it is currently one of the products featuring within the online Food and Drink Festival. Available in four flavours in crisp sized packets, the delights of freeze-dried apples, strawberries, oranges and bananas are a convenient go to snack.

Four flavours of Liobites fruit crisps
Four flavours of Liobites fruit crisps

Liobites’ founder, Anna Oldbury, created the Liobites fruit crisps range to appeal to both children and adults alike! Inspired by her children’s enjoyment of freeze-dried fruits, Liobites is a good product to use to introduce fruit into a child’s diet.

The Liobites fruit crisps are small pieces ideal for adding to cereal, frozen yoghurt, cocktails and other dishes to enhance the flavour. For adults, the crisps may be ideal post workout or on holiday whilst encountering long journeys.

Liobites can certainly be enjoyed as a snack without the added guilt! The fruit is freeze dried with a hint of sunflower oil, retaining all nutrients, and Liobites are made without the use of preservatives and no added sugar. Liobites are also suitable for vegan and gluten free diets. Another bonus is that each pack has under 100 calories!

Liobites can be purchased online directly from the Liobites website and as a small producer we can support Liobites with such direct sales rather than buying the product in the supermarkets. Additionally, if you purchase any Liobites products through the Food and Drink Festival, a 20% discount is also available.

Liobites can be purchased in boxes of 15 packs. The individual flavours could be chosen or there are assorted flavours available for the boxes. If you are like me and simply wish to try them all, there is a taster box with 15 packets of 3 flavours or the Taste All Box with 15 packets of 4 flavours.

Liobites Taste All Box
Liobites Taste All Box

From my Taste All Box, it was certainly difficult to know which Liobites flavour packet to try first! I opted for the apple flavour! At the time of writing, I have sampled both the apple and strawberry flavours.

Liobites apple fruit crisps
Liobites apple fruit crisps

The Liobites packets are so compact that they can fit into your handbag and are quite easy to open with a tear off strip making it easier for children to open. Whilst I was feeling the outside of the packet, I was fascinated by how much the fruit crisps felt as crispy as the savoury flavoured crisps. However, after trying some of the pieces, I was also surprised by the soft texture. The fruits within Liobites are packed whilst in the ripening process with the sweetest fruits selected to retain the flavour.

Me trying the apple flavour Liobites fruit crisps
Me trying the apple flavour Liobites fruit crisps

Whilst trying both the apple and the strawberry flavours, I could equally taste a degree of tartness from the fruit which reminded me that Liobites is a completely natural product without additives. I enjoyed both flavours which are delicious but moreish and so I found myself wishing that the packet size was larger!

If I had to choose a favourite Liobites flavour so far, it would be the apple flavour with its crisp Granny Smith taste. As for the strawberry flavour, it has been the recipient of a Great Taste award!

Me trying the strawberry Liobites fruit crisps
Me trying the strawberry Liobites fruit crisps

As the two Liobites flavours that I tried were delicious, I am looking forward to sampling the banana and orange packets. Liobites are a tasty snack which could be perfect for those cinema visits, picnics and other social events. I am glad to have discovered Liobites as a healthy snack that also tastes good!

Have you tried Liobites before or if you could, which flavours would you try? Let me know in the comments below.

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