12 Days of Christmas: A Self-Care Gift Guide

Otherwise known as ‘Twixmas’, the period between Christmas and New Year may be a relaxing time for some after the pre-Christmas panic or it is a period of blurred days. With Boxing Day and hopefully a few days’ grace before returning to the routine, this may be the ideal time to peruse the Internet and the in-store sales for gifts to treat yourself as self-care.

We have selected a few items from our reviews in this guide that may be the perfect self-care gifts over the 12 days of Christmas.

12 Self-Care Christmas Gift Ideas

1) Noughty wine

Whether you have been naughty or nice for Christmas, Noughty is ideal for those new year celebrations and other special occasions as an alcohol-free sparkling wine. Noughty is now available as a rosé too and you can read our review here.

2) Passing by Nella Larsen

Passing is out now as a film on Netflix starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga, as two former school friends adopting different approaches to ‘passing’.  You can relax with the compelling novel that has recently been re-published by Serpent’s Tail in paperback and e-book. The novel is available to purchase through Serpent’s Tail here.

Passing novel by Nella Larsen
Passing novel by Nella Larsen

3) Puriskin products

Puriskin products are ideal for sensitive skin and are vegan approved using natural products such as essential oils. You can find creams for hard working hands, night oils, face creams and other products in the range. Read our review of Puriskin here.

4) The Way Back Almanac

As plans start to be created for the new year, this Almanac with a focus on sustainability may be ideal for planning. With a month-by-month calendar, the Almanac also provides useful tips and can be purchased from Watkins Publishing here.

The Way Back Almanac and Every Day Matters Diary
The Way Back Almanac and Every Day Matters Diary

5) Every Day Matters Diary

This diary could be used alongside the Almanac as a goal setting tool for a new year. It is available with a flexible cover and spiral bound options from Watkins Publishing here.

6) Pirates Grog Rum

Available as a miniature gift set of 3 rums, this may be an ideal treat for a rum lover. Pirates Grog rum is a delicious golden rum that was discovered off the coast of Honduras on the island of Roatán. Within the range is pineapple rum and spiced rum which can be purchased from the Pirates Grog website here.

Pirates Grog miniature box
Pirates Grog miniature box

7) Mirage by Victoria Fifield

This is the story of the community in Rahat, which is the world’s only Bedouin City. The novel will appeal to travel lovers as the author, Victoria, had attempted to to revive the community but encountered highs and lows during her travel adventures. Mirage can be purchased through Victoria’s website here.

Mirage novel by Victoria Fifield
Mirage novel by Victoria Fifield

8) Tom Savano cocktails

With the various lockdowns that were imposed, cocktail brands such as Tom Savano helped to create that cocktail bar from home sensation. With pre-made, well-blended cocktails such as Espresso Martini, Mojito, Mai Tai and more you can create your own gift boxes and even add snacks to the order for that ideal at home treat. You can read our review of Tom Savano cocktails here.

9) Wide Angle Lens by Kikkerland

This lens is ideal for those selfie photos and can easily be placed over the front camera on a smart phone. The lens helps to produce a better quality of photo if travelling solo without the need for additional gadgets. This wide-angle lens is available on the Kikkerland website here.

Wide-Angle clip lens
Wide-Angle clip lens

10) Rosa by Lyndon Haynes

The novel tells the story of Rosa who, after a traumatic childhood incident, is transported from Mexico to London and has to contend with overbearing brothers in this coming-of-age tale. Rosa is available from Lyndon’s website here, Waterstones and other book stockists.

11) Thomas Tipple cocktails

These cocktails are ideal for those outdoor gatherings as the Thomas Tipple cocktails are a premium range of pre-made cocktails in a can. Offering a delicious range of spritzes which are now available in low alcohol and alcohol-free versions, the Thomas Tipple cocktails are ideal as a low sugar option. The cocktails can be purchased through Thomas Tipple here and available at Whole Foods, Ocado and other stockists.

Thomas Tipple Spritz
Thomas Tipple Spritz

12) Things We Choose To Hide by Jane Riddell

This novel is a traveller’s delight as it crosses Italy, the UK and a few other countries with its tale of love and deceit. With a well rounded female protagonist, Things We Choose To Hide will offer that escapism and an engrossing storyline. The novel is available as an e-book and paperback through Jane’s website here and on Amazon.

Things We Choose To Hide by Jane Riddell
Things We Choose To Hide by Jane Riddell

Hopefully, these items will provide that inspiration to treat yourself during this festive period. Leave a comment below to let us know which items are your favourites to have for your self-care during the 12 days of Christmas.




10 Replies to “12 Days of Christmas: A Self-Care Gift Guide”

    1. That’s great, I’m still using the Puriskin products now as part of my routine and they’re certainly making a difference.

  1. You have such excellent gift ideas here. Not just for ourselves but for others too. I love the wee diary and the step back into nature guide. Definitely needed!

    1. Thank you, I have just started using the diary now and love its positivity with a gratitude section for January and affirmations.

  2. Fab suggestions! I really need to check out Puriskin, I have quite sensitive skin and they sound absolutely amazing. I love the sound of Things We Choose To Hide too – adding that one to my tbr! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Oh, I hope that you will be able to use the Puriskin products. I’m still using them as part of my skincare routine and especially love using the night oil. Let me know what you think of Things We Choose To Hide and there are a few other travel based novels by the same author too.

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