Noughty – Alcohol-Free Wine – Review

* I received a complimentary bottle of Noughty for the purposes of this review

A bottle of Noughty
A bottle of Noughty

The wine industry is slowly changing and Amanda Thomson, the CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, is spearheading this change. Noughty, which is produced by Thomson & Scott, as an alcohol-free, vegan, low calorie and organic sparkling wine is certainly a trailblazer in the fight for greater transparency within wines. Not only does Noughty include a full nutritional label on its bottle, which is rare for many wines, it is also representative of that healthier choice with the calories listed, which are only 17.5 calories per 125 ml, for a glass the size of a champagne flute.

Noughty's nutritional label
Noughty’s nutritional label

So, you may be wondering whether this sounds too good to be true but where Noughty truly stands out is within its lightness. As such, Noughty is ideal for mid-week celebrations, which can still have the fun associated with that delight of popping open a cork on a champagne bottle, with none of the guilt or any headaches the morning after!

Thomson & Scott pride themselves on providing sustainable alternatives for wines and have also created an organic Prosecco. Remaining as natural as possible within their wine production process is considered important to the company and as such the aim is not to add additional sugar to the wines and their grapes are grown with minimal intervention.

The wines produced by Thomson & Scott are also bottled within 100% recyclable bottles with ethically sourced products utilised as well as the cork and the box. A Noughty experience is certainly not naughty but it is nice as its ingredients and packaging reflect those healthier, environmentally friendly lifestyle choices and promote the benefits of wellness that are preferred within our modern lifestyles.

How Does Noughty Taste?

One burning question that many may have regarding an alcohol free wine is the taste compared to other wines. Quite often alcohol free wines may be too sugary or indeed salty but pleasingly Noughty is neither of those extremes! In fact Noughty has quite a brut taste similar to some proseccos and champagnes and it is a light yellow in colour, fruity and very quaffable. There is a lightness overall to Noughty and there were sufficient bubbles when a glass was poured. Thankfully Noughty maintained its fizz within the glass, which is always a sign of a good sparkling wine.

To me, Noughty tastes similar to other English sparkling wines, such as a Bacchus wine and I would therefore recommend drinking Noughty as an aperitif for a summer’s day. Noughty is described as a chardonnay and would therefore be perfect for that special occasion with friends or family as that non-alcoholic alternative.

Me sampling Noughty
Me sampling Noughty

Noughty’s bottle packaging resembles a bottle of prosecco and so at a glance it is certainly difficult to tell the difference and indeed my drinking companion did not instantly identify that this was an alcohol-free wine!

Where Can Noughty be purchased from?

Noughty can be purchased online through the Thomson & Scott website and the bottle arrived quite quickly with next day delivery. There is also a subscription service available to receive the wines regularly with a 10% discount which may be ideal for planning a wine tasting or a larger event. Noughty can also be purchased from a local Waitrose, which is ideal for those dinner parties! I have quite often found it difficult to find non alcoholic wines when socialising, as per my article regarding my alcohol-free trial, and so it is pleasing to see that restaurants such as Dalloway Terrace in London are also serving Noughty.

Noughty whilst at home
Noughty whilst at home

Noughty may therefore provide that solution, whilst dining at home, for a light wine to serve as Thomson & Scott were certainly aiming to satisfy that gap within the market with a premium quality alcohol-free wine.

Let me know in the comments below whether you might have tried Noughty before or whether you might now be interested to try Noughty and other alcohol-free wines.

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  1. Hello
    I heard a program today on BBC radio 4.
    I was so keen to try the sparkling wine and nipped off to Sainsburys but they didn’t stock.
    I don’t have Waitrose near me , so wondered where I can purchase a bottle to try. Many thanks

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