We Are One: Global Film Festival 2020 – 5 Films to Watch

A highly anticipated event in the film festival calendar for the first half of 2020 following the Covid-19 related cancellations of several other film festivals, We Are One film festival launches online today, Friday 29 May for the next 10 days.

We Are One film festival is the creation of the Tribeca Film Festival and YouTube and is co-curated by 21 other film festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, London and even festivals such as Annecy. It is notable that We Are One will be commencing a week after the 2020 edition of the Cannes Film Festival was originally due to finish. The Cannes Film Festival’s 73rd edition is only the second one in its history to be cancelled.

The We Are One film festival will stream a range of over 100 features and short films on YouTube as well as animation, live music sets and VR content. The festival will also contain a range of discussions with renowned filmmakers such as Claire Denis, Francis Ford Coppola and Guillermo del Toro. You will definitely be spoilt for choice with this programme line up!

Whilst the festival is free, donations would be appreciated with such funds being directed to the We Are One UN COVID resilience fund. Some of the films will also be accessible to watch just once on that day and so do not forget to set those YouTube notifications! The We Are One YouTube link can be accessed here.

Highlights on the opening day of the festival include Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records, programmed by the BFI London Film Festival.

Playing records in the film Rudeboy
Playing records in the film Rudeboy

Here are my suggestions of 5 films to seek out within the We Are One film festival:

Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records – Featuring on the opening day of the festival, this documentary will take you on a musical journey of the Trojan Records label which was the home of many reggae, ska and rocksteady artists.

Atlantiques – This is the short film from 2009 by Mati Diop which was later developed into the feature film Atlantics (Atlantique) and explores the tale of migrants.

A City Called Macau – A woman seeking a better life, after leaving Las Vegas, ends up embroiled in a series of complications after meeting a charismatic gambler whilst travelling for business in Macau.

Mystery Road – In the Australian outback, a murder investigation is launched after a teenage girl’s body is discovered. This leads to simmering racial tensions involving the Aboriginal communities.

Late Marriage – A man who is considered a catch on the dating scene much to his parents’ delight as they attempt to arrange a suitable marriage partner but he is secretly dating another woman of whom his parents would disapprove!

As there are so many other interesting titles to discover you can access the full programme for the We Are One film festival here.

2 Replies to “We Are One: Global Film Festival 2020 – 5 Films to Watch”

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of the We Are One Film festival. It’s amazing that we are able to engage through YouTube! I love how all film festivals are coming together for this! Thank you for sharing, I’ll be checking it out!

    1. I hope that you will be able to catch some of the films as there are some good ones still to come before the festival ends at the weekend, such as Mystery Road! It’s a great initiative from the many film festivals involved

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