Ukrainian film Olga to receive UK cinema previews in support of Ukraine

Olga had its UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival in March 2022 and tells the gripping tale of 15-year-old Olga who is a Ukrainian gymnast. Olga flees Ukraine, for her safety, during the Euromaidan protests in 2013 in order to compete as a gymnast in the European championship.

Anastasia Budiashkina, who plays Olga, is a real-life gymnast who recently arrived in Poland from Kharkiv escaping from the war. Anastasia has said this about Olga:

“I am very glad that Olga will be seen in the UK, and people will see the situation going on with Ukraine. Everyone involved with Olga worked very hard, and I put a part of myself into the film. I hope everyone will enjoy Olga.”

The film is the directorial debut of Elie Grappe and featured during the International Critics’ Week at Cannes Film Festival 2021 as a World Premiere.

Anastasia Budiashkina as Olga
Anastasia Budiashkina as Olga

In support of Ukraine, over 200 participating cinemas will screen Olga as a preview from Friday 18 March 2022. The cinemas will be directing profits received from the cinema screenings to the Disaster Emergency Committee to donate to Ukraine. More cinemas are also becoming involved in the initiative on a daily basis.

The film’s release has been jointly organised by the BFI and 606 Distribution with cinemas such as Everyman, Curzon, Cineworld and Picturehouse being amongst those participating.

Olga’s theme of determination against adversity and emotional resilience will captivate audiences. For up to date information about the film and for further details about the participating cinemas, follow the link here

The trailer for Olga can be seen here

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