Film Inspired Travel: 5 Great Film Locations

As an avid film watcher and a keen traveller, the prospect of being able to combine these two passions of mine for August’s travel link up with film locations (organised by Silverspoon London and a few others) was too difficult to resist!

So, I shall start with a venue that I have specifically visited after seeing its appearance on a film. The other locations that I have referenced are ones that have been discovered whilst travelling or else I realised that there is a film connection thereafter.

1) Le Grand Colbert, Paris – Something’s Gotta Give

So, the first film location that I will mention is in Paris, but of course. It was whilst I was watching the very amusing film Something’s Gotta Give featuring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson that I spotted this delightful bistro, Le Grand Colbert.

I am pleased to mention that it is not just a set location or façade and it actually does exist, in the second arrondissement, and has a rather scrumptious onion soup as well! The décor is also quite stunning and so it is worthwhile leaving the central Paris tourist trail to discover it!

Something’s Gotta Give DVD
Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves in ‘that’ booth at Le Grand Colbert, Paris. Courtesy of IMDB

2) Hampstead Heath, London – Belle

Hampstead Heath is a very stunning location and as such it is unsurprisingly featuring in quite a few films. The film Belle, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, tells the story of a mixed-race family member that resided in Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath in the 18th century.

If you explore the beautiful Kenwood House with its classical paintings, there is also one painting depicting Dido Elizabeth Belle that can be located. The views from Kenwood House across its estate are also quite spectacular!

The ascent to Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath
The picturesque viewpoint from Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath

3) Wadi Rum, Jordan – Star Wars Episode IX

Whilst visiting the otherworldly Wadi Rum desert I learnt that filming of the latest Star Wars film to come had been occurring a few months previously in the summer.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see any of the film props used on that occasion however the setting of Wadi Rum with its tranquil beauty will leave you breathless!

The breathtaking Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

4) Ta Prohm, Cambodia – Tomb Raider

I was one of those visitors at sunrise hoping to catch a picturesque photo of the sunlight streaming through Angkor Wat in that Siem Reap complex. However, on the day that I visited there was a large amount of mist obscuring the site!

That did not detract from the enjoyment of exploring some of the lesser known areas of the complex as well as queueing alongside others to take a photo by the tree within the Ta Prohm temple which featured in the original Tomb Raider film starring Angelina Jolie. At the time of my visit, excavation was occurring however it is a marvel to view the manner in which nature is overpowering the building as the tree’s roots outgrow the building’s foundations!

Ta Prohm temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

5) Tbilisi, Georgia – The Other Me

Whilst visiting Georgia this summer, I stumbled across the news that this new film, The Other Me, starring Jim Sturgess had commenced production a few months earlier in Tbilisi!

I could only imagine the stunning backdrops that may be used as locations within the film as there is the Old Town, the bridges across the Mtkvari river, the sulphur baths and many other pretty locations. I will certainly aim to stay abreast of the notification of its UK release date to see how many Georgian locations I can identify!

Old Tbilisi, Georgia
Views of the Mtkvari river from a bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia
Holy Trinity Cathedral as sunset starts in Tbilisi, Georgia

As there are so many other films, aside from those that I have referenced, which have used the above locations, let me know your favourites in the comments below!

6 Replies to “Film Inspired Travel: 5 Great Film Locations”

  1. This was such a cool post idea – I’m so intrigued by filming locations and inspiration in films so this was super interesting!

    Danielle |

    1. Thanks, Wadi Rum is a beautiful destination and I can see why sci-fi films like filming there as it was also a site for The Martian.

    1. That’s great, I think that I went to quartier Mouffetard more after watching Amelie but never managed to visit whilst the market is open! Hopefully, I will get to visit it one day and I would certainly love to find some of the locations from Midnight in Paris.

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