Brixton Village to launch the Village Screen Fest as its first film festival

A new film festival is going to be launched in London as Brixton Village will open the Village Screen Fest in May as a celebration of independent film reflecting the diversity of its South London film community.

The Village Screen Fest will take place between Tuesday 10 May – Sunday 15 May 2022 bringing together a selection of short films, presentations and retrospective films within its programme of cultural activities.

Brixton Village is a market which is rich in history and is a cultural hub. As such, the programme seeks to highlight these elements. The programme has been curated in collaboration with Tape Collective.

Poly Styrene as seen in I Am Poly Styrene
Poly Styrene as seen in I Am Poly Styrene

Opening the programme is the film Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché about the impact of Poly Styrene as the first mixed race woman to enter the rock industry as the lead singer of a punk band.

Other films included in the programme is the classic, irrepressible film Just Another Girl on the IRT which is the only feature film made by Leslie Harris and was critically acclaimed at the Sundance Film Festival 30 years ago.

Just Another Girl on the IRT
Just Another Girl on the IRT

The programme also includes a spoken word event, workshops, an after party and more.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased via the Tape Collective’s website here.

The film festival’s full programme is available here.


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